The Hidden Pictures Project

Exciting news! February 2014 we launched The Hidden Pictures Project- sharing videos to shed light on global mental health. 

This is a grassroots campaign in which we will be introducing new videos to help spark dialogue on all sorts of important mental health topics. To learn more about our advocacy work and new films please join our email list on the home page.

TAKE ACTION – It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Learn by watching the videos  
2. Join us on Facebook where we have related articles for reading 

3. Educate others by sharing  these videos –move your cursor over a video and when you see the  paper airplane click on it 

The Hidden Pictures Project Video #1 – “Stepping in for mental health” 

This four minute film features community mental health workers in India and also Vikram Patel, a true visionary in the field. Film by Delaney Ruston


The Hidden Pictures Project Video #2 – “Global mental health – its turn has come”

This five minute film explores how global mental health is finally gaining momentum. Film by Delaney Ruston


The Hidden Pictures Project Video #3 – “When India Comes to Mind…does mental health come to mind?”

This 1 minute video asks us to think about what mental health services are needed in India and in our own communities.

The Hidden Pictures Project Video #4 “Break the Silence Around Mental Illness”- TED Talk by the director

Recently, “Hidden Pictures” director, Delaney Ruston, did a TED Talk in Seattle. Please watch and consider sharing.