Delaney Ruston

Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Writer/Additional Editing

Delaney Ruston began filmmaking 17 years ago to merge her passion for film with her desire to work for social change. Through her company, MyDoc Productions, Delaney has produced short films for such clients as the The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada, and The World Health Organization.

Her multi Award Winning feature documentary UNLISTED: A Story of Schizophrenia (2010) depicts her journey to reconnect with her father after hiding from him for 10 years. The film continues to screen at film festivals, conferences and on PBS and was the cornerstone of national awareness campaigns. Interviews with the filmmaker on TV, radio and newspapers helped elevate awareness to the key issues raised in the film (press page). As part of this advocacy work, Delaney created the short film CRISIS IN CONTROL (2010) about the power of psychiatric advance to help improve lives.

Her latest Award Winning feature documentary, HIDDEN PICTURES (2013) explores personal mental health stories in five countries and has garnered media attention (press page).  HIDDEN PICTURES is currently screening worldwide in teaching, health and advocacy settings, film festivals, and at major conferences.

On World Mental Health Day, October 10th 2013, 140 organizations partnered in a major one day Global Screening Event of the film. In order to help promote their new 7 year mental health initiative, The World Health Organization asked Delaney to produce a special short version of HIDDEN PICTURES. Delaney was invited to The WHO’s headquarters in Geneva to speak and screen the film when over 40 head’s of state gathered to adopt the initiative.HIDDEN PICTURES continues to be a part of awareness efforts in communities worldwide and in May 2014 began airing on PBS stations nationwide.

Thru her dedication to producing films that explore important mental health issues Delaney has become an internationally recognized mental health advocate and is frequently invited to give talks. Her recent TED Talk was entitled: Break The Silence of Mental Illness. Recently for her work on mental health advocacy, Delaney was awarded the Advocate Associate Award from Fountain House in New York  and The Expanding Horizon’s Award from NAVOS in Seattle.

A Stanford-trained physician, Delaney did her film training in San Francisco while doing her internal medicine residency and subsequent Fellowship in Ethics and Communication at the University of California. She went on to work in clinics for immigrant populations while training Stanford medical students. Later she joined the faculty at the University of Washington. For the past 10 years she has divided her time between her two main passions—working in clinics for the underserved and making impactful documentaries. Ruston recently returned from living two years in India where she completed a Fulbright Fellowship producing short films on mental health issues. Ruston currently spends part of her time providing primary care to the homeless in Seattle, WA.